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José Fernández Senior editor

Express ClickYes is a simple application that will help you deal with Outlook. With the newest versions of Outlook, when you try to do certain things, a lot of pop-ups will tell you if you really wanted to do what you just clicked to do. Those are security measures to avoid unwanted access to your inbox, the spread of spam, and many other security threats.
Still, the end-user does not want anything to do with those pop-ups. In many cases, you can disable them by tweaking the configuration a little bit. But most users don't want to do that. Express ClickYes deals with the problem in a rather simple way. Whenever you get pop-ups asking you if you want to send the e-mail you have just sent, or if you want to do whatever, Express ClickYes will, well, click yes for you. The Pro version will play with the options for you, ensuring that you will never see the pop-ups again. But if you don't want to pay for the pro version, and would rather have the express one click yes for you automatically, there you go, you have just fixed the problem.


  • It helps with the symptom.


  • Doesn't cure the cause.
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